Fun Camping Scavenger Hunt List for the Whole Family

Fun Camping Scavenger Hunt List for the Whole Family

A camping scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun outdoors! 

A camping scavenger hunt can be a great way to make exploring the outdoors even more fun. It is great to do as a family. We recommend allowing the whole camping trip to finish the scavenger hunt. 

Also, never let young children search for items on their own, they should always be accompanied by an adult. When we have a camping scavenger hunt, we team up in pairs. Adults pair up with the younger kids and older kids team up together. Children should always go everywhere in a campground with a buddy. 

Here are the tasks and things you need to find, 

    1. Take a picture of a wildflower
    2. Collect a rock or leaf from the trail
    3. Take a photo of an animal or bird
    4. Find something in nature that is yellow and take a photo
    5. Take a photo of a beautiful landscape  
    6. Sketch a map of the route you took 
    7. Find a stick or branch to use as a walking stick 
    8. Take a photo of animal tracks 
    9. Take a photo of a tree with a unique shape 
    10. Find a body of water and take a photo 
    11. Take a photo of any campground sign
    12. Draw a picture of your favorite thing about camping
    13. Make a s'more and take a selfie with it. 
    14. Take a cool photo from the ground, looking up at the sky
    15. Take a photo of a hammock
    16. List two cool sounds you heard while camping
    17. Find a feather
    18. Take a photo of a stump
    19. Find a rock with shaped like something else and take a photo
    20. Find a pine cone and take a photo of it on a picnic table

We hope you enjoy your camping scavenger hunt!
At the end of the camping trip, get the family together to see who has collected the most items and performed the most specific tasks. That person or team wins the right to brag until the next camping trip.

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