Ten Ways to Help Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

10 Products to Help Make Tent Camping More Comfortable


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10 Products to Help Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

If you love the outdoors and being close to nature, tent camping may be your new go-to activity! But there are a few tricks (not just tricks — ways!) to make it more comfortable so that you can really turn up the fun factor. We’ve got all the info on how to enjoy your camping experience without sacrificing comfort. So grab your pack, pitch that tent, and get ready for an adventure of utmost delight!

To make your next camping trip more enjoyable, here are 10 tips for making tent camping more comfortable: 

1. Invest in a quality sleeping pad or air mattress — nothing ruins a good night’s sleep like sleeping on cold, hard ground!

2. Bring plenty of blankets and pillows so you have enough cushioning to keep yourself cozy and warm all night long. 

3. Make sure you bring along the right clothing — layers help trap heat and keep you comfortable no matter how low the temperature drops outside.

4. Use a tarp to create an extra layer of protection between you and the ground — it can help make your campsite cozier and drier on rainy nights. 

5. Pack a portable fan or air conditioner if possible — Tent camping can be stuffy, so having a way to circulate air can make all the difference in comfort levels. 

6. If you plan to camp in cold weather, look for heated floor mats that are insulated against the elements outside. 

7. Consider bringing along a generator or solar panel to power items like lights, fans, CPAP machines, and heaters — this will give you more control over your environment!

8. Make sure your tent is sealed properly before heading out — if air can escape, so can insects.

9. Use a bug light to keep annoying insects away at night — this also helps ensure that you don’t wake up with itchy bites! 

10. If you’re camping in an area without restrooms, look into buying a portable toilet so you don’t have to worry about going too far from your tent in the middle of the night. 


11. Side Tables for phones, water bottles, lamps, etc. 

12. USB Lamps that change colors are our favorite to sit on the nightstand They can also be used outside on the picnic table. (but need to be brought inside when not being used or overnight)

With these 12 ways to stay comfortable, you are sure to enjoy your next camping trip. Happy camping!

- Q and L

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